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Instruction Manual

Here you find all the information on how to use your Hotspot, Router or SIM

Hotspot with SIM (Huawei E5785)

Charging the battery
Use the supplied cable for this. Plug the micro USB into the hotspot and the other USB into the supplied USB plug or a USB port. When the hotspot’s battery is being charged, the icon of a battery being charged will light up in the hotspot’s display after a while. When the hotspot is on, you will see this icon at the top right of the display.

Switching on the hotspot
Turn on the hot spot by pressing the on / off button to the right of the display for about 3 – 5 seconds until the Huawei logo appears in the display. The hotspot will now start and as soon as you see the name of the mobile operator appear, the hotspot is ready for use.

To connect a device to the Wifi-network of the hotspot, go to the Wifi settings of your device and select the Wifi-network of the hotspot. This is HUAWEI-xxxx (xxxx representing a combination of letters (caps) and numbers). The 0 in the xxxx (in case there is one included) is always the number 0 and not the letter O. Once you have selected the Wifi-network, you will be asked for a password. This password is a combination of numbers and/or letters and is printed on a sticker on the inside of the cover on the back of the hotspot.

Switching the hotspot off
Turn off the hotspot by pressing and holding the on / off button to the right of the display for a few seconds.

!! A few important practicalities

  1. The hotspot gets warm during use, which is normal. Exposure to direct sunlight, very high temperatures, moisture and violent shocks (e.g. when it falls) are bad for the hotspot;
  2. Leave the hotspot closed. There is a cover on the back that can be released, but there is no reason to release it.
  3. The place where you put the hotspot influences the reception of the mobile data signal. The freer the hotspot and the fewer materials around it (metal, concrete, etc.), the better the quality of the internet connection.

Returns after expiration – ATTENTION please!
Return a hotspot the first working day after the end of the usage period via the enclosed return envelope. Make sure you send all original items (including plug, cord and bag) and that they go separately into the envelope. So leave the hotspot out of the bag/case, so that the envelope remains as flat as possible.



Router with SIM (Huawei B525 4G+)

Switching on
You can start using the router by connecting the black power cable (also in the box) to a standard wall outlet (230V). As soon as the light, second from the left at the front side of the router, switches to blue, the router is ready for use. This should not take more than a minute or so after you connect the power cable.

You will now be able to see the 2 wifi networks that have been set up by the router in any wifi enabled device, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can find the names as well as the password for these networks on the sticker at the bottom of the router. The password will work with both networks.

  • SSID: Huawei-B525-xxxx This is the wifi network at 2.4 GhZ, the network that all wifi enabled devices can use.
  • SSID-5G : Huawei-B525-5G-xxxx This is the wifi network at 5 GhZ, a faster network that most modern devices will be able to connect to.
  • Wi-Fi Key: xxxxxxxxxxx This is the password you need to get access to either of the wifi networks.

Returns after expiration – ATTENTION please!
Return a router to us the first working day after the end of the usage period, including the original adapter and often also the original router box (store packaging), insofar as it has been sent by us. You will need to pack the router properly yourself to prevent damage. Preferably use the packaging in which you received the router. In any case, fill the shipping box well so that the router does not slide inside the box.
Send this package to:
      Internet On Demand
      Dillenburgstraat 2
      5151 GL Drunen

If you return the router later, we will deduct the extra days and costs from the deposit. It does not matter whether you have used the router or not.


SIM only

The period of use starts the day after the SIM has been delivered or on the date we agreed with you.

This 3-in-1 SIM holds all common sizes.
Determine which size fits your device and gently remove it.

Insert de SIM in your device or router and switch it on
(your device must of course be suitable for 4G or 4G+).
You do not require a PIN-code to use the SIM.

Once the period of use has ended the SIM will be de-activated, after which you can throw the SIM away.

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